my Giselle

07/11/2013 1,093 views

You´ve probably noticed that ballet is my favourite subject of investigation. I was always fascinated both by the tiny and elegant movements of ballet dancers and the strength of their love to dance.

They say it´s impossible to watch ballet on television, the emotions can´t be compared to those when seeing the performance in person, but that was just the only way for me to touch the elusive world of ballet. Then at the age of 14 I got the opportunity to enjoy the ballet show live, being so close to the dancers, feeling vibrations of the music and bodies. I was flying in the atmosphere of beauty. At that time I didn´t know that ballet would become my main theme in art, but as they say what belongs you won´t disappear. Ballet belongs to my soul, as I can show all my feelings and emotions depicting ballerinas. Ballet dancers from my Ballet Series are both happy and disappointed, sad and cheerful. But what combines all of them is the expression of their feelings through dance. Their only way to talk is dancing. This month I have been working on the paintings from Ballet Series and my attention was drawn to Giselle again. It´s one of the most famous romantic ballet. Giselle was a sweet, innocent peasant girl who was madly in love with dances. Giselle meets a guy named Loys and falls in love with him. But her happiness doesn´t last long, the love story takes a tragic turn after she discovers that her lover ‘Loys’ is really Duke Albrecht and is engaged to another woman. Devastated, she goes mad and dies of a broken heart. But even after her death, Giselle’s love is strong and pure. Summoned from her grave to join the Wilis -( the spirits of ladies who were cheated by their lovers) Giselle doesn´t want to take revenge on Albrecht and instead of it she protects him, defending him until dawn and saving his life. Giselle’s love conquered the death and stays forever in her heart.