Is it really a New World?

27/03/2014 2,848 views

The series about my lovely time that I spent in Crimea continues.

z_0d8607ebSun woke me up today and the first that I thought about was the mornings in Crimea, the light there.  If you compared the works of Crimean artists to the works by others who don’t live in Crimea you will definitely see that the main difference is using of light. But I will devote an extra post for this question and show you the works.

Light in Crimea is different because of so much sun and our eyes didn’t use to see colors by direct sun so often as it happens to see there.

Why am I talking about light, becase the day when we went to Novyj Svit in translation it’s New World Village, all these wonderful views are still in front of my eyes. That was the best day in Crimea, that’s the most fascinating place in the whole Crimea. And I promised myself to come back there again and again. Nobody knew at that time that Crimea will be occupied by Russians and Ukrainians will become persona non grata there.

The village New World is definitely new World for me. My first thought was PARADISE!

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