The Happy End

25/01/2016 2,616 views

January is a strange month.It’s the beginning of the year and actually, it should be pretty active and energetic like every beginning, but, in fact, it’s not at all. It begins with the celebration and ends with the celebration. 

tif2_12Today is the 25th of January and it feels good to know the month is getting to the end. First the New Year accumulates the goals for 2016 and then comes Christmas that we start celebrating on the 6th January in Ukraine. I say start celebrating because Christmas time lasts up to the 18th January. Imagine how relaxed the whole scene is. The celebration is everywhere and even if you work, there are always somebody who doesn’t and feels like he/she misses you, so you (me) have guests in the studio. ))) And I’m happy about it.

Well, I’m Ukrainian and I know how January goes here that’s why it’s pretty ok for me to pretend I’m working, ( everybody seems to be working being at work, but sometimes it’s a real illusion). Getting up at 11 a.m I didn’t have much time, taking into account that in the evening you have guests or you are a guest yourself. Yes, January celebrations ))

As a rule, I visit my parents once in two months, but January as a festive month gives me the generous opportunity or better to say pleasant duty to go home twice. First we all gather together on the Christmas Eve and then on my mom’s birthday. I’m at my parents place now and I’m happy because I always know I find time here for going plein air painting. I won’t be disturbed and will be able to spend time painting outside.

I was so grateful I saw what I saw. The sun rays suddenly got its evening charm and I stopped the engine. In a few moments, I was singing with paints on canvas.


What a nice meditation, what a beautiful moment. January was too greedy with the time for painting. Realizing it my desire to celebrate this special time between canvas and me became bigger and bigger.. I didn’t notice how the day changes into evening and I had to start my ride again.


oil landscape artwork on canvas of a beautiful winter scene plein air painting of a winter landscape scene








In a week or so I’m going to an interesting plein air session and I’m sure the weather will allow us to work hard and speak as long as we have paints. The streams of inner talks are neverending, the medium, however, limited.