FORTE is cool but first PIANO

26/11/2013 4,144 views

..I didn’t use to give birthday presents to myself. But this year I did it for the first time. That’s pretty special present and normal guy won’t wish that, but I’m an artist, so I can’t be normal 🙂 Well curious what it was? – my solo exhibition “PIANO” in Art na Mur Gallery, Ivano-Frankivsk.

I presented new artworks from the Ballet Series. The majority of works is created with acrylic on canvas.

All the artworks are united by simplicity of depicted forms of woman body and narrowing of used colors. I have a special relation with grey and I investigated its deepness of tones & its noble play with other colors. The chosen artworks for PIANO exhibition are not very emotional they are not there to impress with the colors but to leave the eternal feeling of tender harmony.

You may think it was a present not only for me, but for the viewers who came to see my new paintings from the ballet series. Well, I think it would be great if they found it that way too.

And now a small photo report from the opening of my PIANO exhibition.