December Studio Nights

22/12/2013 2,078 views

December is the last month of the year and my December is always very busy. It’s like the last chance to catch up with

the imaginative list of tasks for 2013 and tell to the self, “Look, I managed everything!”

My friend are thinking about celebrating of the New Year’s Eve. And I’m dreaming about a bed.

Yesterday I stayed at the studio for the whole night, slept a bit on an uncomfortable coach and went on painting. It seems the story of yesterday will be actual for today as well. The midnight passed, but I won’t get home again. The mobile is silent, my all energy is put into finishing paintings, packing prints, stretching canvas, etc. Jazz, painting, boxes for packing, paints and me… That’s how my weekend look like.

Every day to the tasks that should be fulfilled come the new ones. Unfortunately we can’t stretch the day and get instead of 24 hours 36. But even if we could I doubt we would have enough time for everything.

Dear December I like you, but honestly I’m waiting for the 1 January, the day that I spend in bed sleeping and relaxing!

P.S. my coffee break is coming to the end, and I’m coming back to work!