Dawn Meditation

07/11/2013 1,511 views

We all belong to different activity types, “owls” and “larks”. I can call myself a 100% “owl”. Ordinary social life rules make from owls something in between. I can work till early in the morning, but let me sleep till the noon (in the perfect case). I don´t want to imagine how I would feel if I had to wake up really early in the morning! BUT..

There is one reason for me to start the day so early – DAWNS.

To see the time when nature awakes is incredible. To catch the atmosphere of every minute changing state is something I´m so in love with. To feel the dawn purity.. The process of creating a painting is a kind of meditation and meditation at dawn always fills the mind and body with the life giving energy. The birth of the sun is like the rebirth of the hope and belief. Such a spiritual moment.

I can´t say I experience it often and maybe exactly it makes my dawn “meditations” so unique!

These paintings of dawn are different in colors but the same in its energetic charge. The blurred lines and objects make us look for something more. Maybe there is a singing bird or a squirrel there? Maybe. Let me know if you´ve found any of them :)