Colors meet restraint. How I find Vienna

08/07/2015 2,633 views

Exploring a new city is like exploring a stranger. We see one the spot whether we like a person or not, whether she/he arouses the interest or not. The same is with the city, it’s an alive organism that reflects its people.

DSC_0786Either we make friends and feel comfortable being in a new city or it will try to pawn off of us and close its big door in front of us. Either way, we won’t find it out unless we meet the city directly 🙂

My acquaintance with Vienna starts one day before the trip. We spontaneously made up our mind to start the trip tomorrow and we didn’t pay any attention it was 23.20 p.m. My beloved travel companion was desperately looking for the accommodation and a ride to Vienna. The epic lasted a few hours with all those signs that I’m not good and calm enough to cope with. All I wanted is to let it end as soon as possible and it doesn’t matter with what result. I woke up by the silent but energetic happy dance. Ok, it worked. Vienna we are coming – I thought.

Surprisingly I forgot about the previous evening experience and start my acquaintance with Vienna from the very beginning and I have to confess I love it 🙂

the city is neat, beautiful, very historic and clean. however I noticed that modest character of its people in the architecture. while Paris doesn’t care how rich in details the public sculptures or building facades are, in Vienna there is a feeling the architects were afraid of “too much”. Nothing cries “hey, look at me” but just looks at you with the down eyes. Sometimes it becomes even boring. But what city is able to win the race with Paris? I doubt there is one.

Anyway, I give up comparing and just was breathing in the Austrian fragrance of coffee coming out from all corners. We walked without using the map, we wanted just walk and see what was going to appear in front of us.

It’s definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Museums Quartier is the place where very contemporary MUMOK is settled in, and a few other museums, among of which is also LEOPOLD Museum with the richest collection of Egon Schiele. Different in styles they have the same aim – to celebrate art or what they suppose to be art. But it will be another story for a new post 🙂

the place of many museums

Beautiful Museum Quartier

museums in Vienna and beautiful square near mumok

wonderful example how the urban design matches the modern city needs

Being in Vienna, we found out some interesting things 🙂

1. Optional Dwelling – it seems these nicely designed higher bushes are real homes for homeless people. They leave their  sleeping  bags inside the bushes during the day and come back “home” late
museum of nature in Vienna, Austria

2. Pride Tolerance – Except for the Austrian flag there is also a pride flag at every tram and bus and even at the City Hall.

rathaus in wien ist mit der pride Flagge

Vienna, the City Hall

vienna's city hall wih the pride flag

City Hall in Vienna

3. Restrained Colors – Only bright colors that you see are usually on the plate. I felt a bit strange being in love with colorful clothes. Tastes differ, cultures differ and it’s wonderful 🙂

Colorful plates

Colorful plates