Cheers, Leonardo!

15/04/2015 3,131 views

“Learning never exhausts the mind”.

I’m wondering whether Leonardo da Vinci whom belong these words knew that his paintings and drawings will be the great source of learning as well? His greed to know more brought him into the study of various fields. Being many generations ahead of his colleaques he profoundly studied the proportions of the human body, its physiology and anatomy.

All around genius left fewer than 30 paintings, but these are the works that demonstrate techniques first used by him. His masterpieces are painted in blending technique of sfumato that means ” to tone down or to evaporate like smoke” and chiaroscuro (light dark) that main trait was the strong contrast between dark and light and was used to achieve a sense of volume.

A few weeks ago I was lucky to meet Leonardo in person. The deep glance at his works can’t leave you indifferent if you love art. This is like to touch the eternity and to become the part of it only due to the senses it evokes in the soul. I don’t know who were looking at whom, Leonardo at me or I at him, I definitely gained more from this exchanged glances.

Why it’s a great day to remember Leonardo? Because it’s his BIRTHDAY today!

paris, louvre museum and ol master leonardo da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci, Virgin of the Rocks, Louvre

mona lisa in louvre

I call it tragedy of Mona Lisa. There is no possibity to experience this painting.

leonardo da vinci genius and his bacchus

Leonardo da Vinci, Bacchus, Louvre