Charming week

07/07/2015 2,733 views

life is an interesting thing, you never know who you meet on the way or how a meeting by chance can turn into something beautiful and nice

ballet paintings

at the Gyor exhibition

That’s not the first time that art brings interesting people into my life who I would never meet without the chance that brought them either to the exhibition or my website.

Art lovers that I happen to meet are particular people, they are capable to feel the fantasy, to catch it and let flow through their mind creating magic. they create their own stories, see their own worlds, they are artists in their mind and heart themselves.

Due to Ignak, I had a great week in Gyor, where I was lucky to be invited for accompanying the dance festival.

oil ballerina art pieces

ready for the exhibition

The hall at the Gy0r theatre is charming because of these fascinating heavy balls. They fabulously play with the light and evokes the effect of a miracle.  Well, the theatre is a kind of miracle itself.

ballerina paintings ar gyor theatre hall

At Gyor Theatre

Our week in Gyor wasn’t nice only because of the festival and the wonderful performances that we attended, but also because of the city itself. We walked a lot and enjoyed its architecture with the Italian touch. Seeing the Szecenyi Square, the first thought was, that we were in Italy. No surprise as it was built by leading  Italian architects of the 18 century. In fact, it was the time of the tremendous growth of the city in all aspects.

water and fountains in Gyor

the central square of Gyor

I found out that Gyor is a right city for getting a rest and relax. It’s not that big, and not so quick or so full of people that they start bothering you.We enjoyed it from morning till late night.

relaxing in Gyor

Gyor Main Hall

Evening with wine, pleasant music and marvellous sunset – yes, life is wonderful and seeing it/ feeling is is a blessing.

tasty tokai hungarian wine

evening wine is charming