Box of Memories

29/03/2014 2,342 views

I never stuck in the past. NEVER. and I don’t use to remember the past, so is my nature. I always focus on the future, but when I find by chance photos from the past they always bring nice emotions.

DSC_6231aYes, we take photos being happy and this happiness imprints the picture. Smiles appearing in eyes are the most aluable.. silent presence of eternal love!

Today looking for photos of my paintings I bumbed into summer 2012. Almost two years ago, and would have forgotten why it was interesting if I the memories of it didn’t lie on pictures.

In Ukraine there is a Scout organisation called Plast.  Like any youth organisation, Plast is responsible for conscious growing of its members, children and youh. They do so many useful things for the development of the personality. But what I found the most important is the upbringing of the real leader and admirer of your own country. They learn how to be brave and strong not only in a physical sense but also in the pshycological (what is more important) In Plast rules a hierarchy and children who become adults are responsible for the upbringing of children. There is a constant circle that never ends. Once Plast scout – forever Plast scout.

I have a friend Plast scout, who is a teacher now. She was organizing a camp with her small scout girls and invited me together with my friend-aritst Mykhailo Tymchuk to create a class of painting for her little friends. Besides of it, the owners of the house where the kids were supposed to settle in offered to paint their house in a hutzul style.

And these are the pictures I bumbed into today 🙂


.. and when it was finished we were told that many people asked the owners who painted it and how much it costs 🙂 So people liked that and we were glad. We gained on those days from Scouts more than we expected. Unique experience indeed and I’m not about painting the house, but about painting of the soul!