Better than mountains can be only mountains

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The town where I was born, Rakhiv is a small nice town that is situated in western Ukraine and is surrounded by beautiful Carpathian mountains. It´s the place where different cultures interlaced and created a new and interesting amalgamation of traditions and customs. The folks who live here are called hutzuls and my family belong to this ethnic group too. So, I´m a hutzul and hutzuls are known for their love for mountains. Mountains are our home, our fortress.

golden landscape painting of fall

Sun in a Cup|Сонце в чаші

Being a child, I spent the whole summer at my grandparents´ cottage house, where I wake up with the singing of birds and went to bed looking at the starry sky. It was a time when I learnt what work meant and I´m very thankful to my grandparents who taught me to love to work and don´t be afraid of tiredness or blisters on my hands. I took care of sheep, a cow that my grandfather was proud to hold, I mowed the grass and helped to prepare hay for the winter.

autumn landscape art of mountains scenery

Light in Silver Drops|Світло в срібних краплях

We had every day lots to do, but I never wanted to go down into the town. Nature was my best companion, always different, and so captivating.

oil painting landscape art

Golden Dream|Золотий сон

contemporary painting of a nature in autumn

Autumn for Sonny|Осінь для Сонні

The years passed, my grandparents are gone, but the cottage house and the great memories about our summers are always with me and every time I come there I paint the beautiful views my grandparents were so in love with. Refreshing old memories and catching the impression of today my hands bear an artwork that is out of time, it´s somewhere in the air between yesterday and today, today and tomorrow.

gold fall landscape art with in orange and blue colors

Gold in Azure|Золото в блакиті