Bearable Easiness of Being

28/05/2014 7,299 views

Time is really the most valuable thing that we have. Spending it with people or dedicating time to any activity we can’t get the time back. But on the other side, if we spend time with pleasure we’ll get the feedback if not today then later. 


I’m happy that I spent last 10 days in the Carpathians, we had a plein air there. And I’m very grateful for this opportunity. The beauty and tenderness of Nature have a great effect on me.  It cleans my soul, clears my mind. The soul is getting ruder in a city, and even because of the dirt that is under the feet. Together with the air we breath in the moods of strangers, who are running from A to B in order to meet their everyday deadlines. And what about happiness? When it’s time for happiness?

Nature  like nothing else encourages to talk with God. Unity with the nature avokes the birth of the feeling of the absolute harmony that will be later destroyed in the every day city life again. But I hope it won’t happen. Maybe I will be invited to the plein air again and the native Carpathians bring the crystal feeling of being-easiness again? And this feeling won’t be unbearable like Milan Kundera’s one, but the airy one.

Dear plein air sponsors, thank you very much for the wonderful atmosphere, warm evenings.. for everything. Hope we’ll have common events in future  again 🙂