Awesome Begin

03/01/2015 2,613 views

The new year 2015 has started. There are many new hopes, wishes, expectations that each of us mentioned loudly or silently while raising the glass of champagne at midnight.
In order to help the Universe to fulfill my wishes I took the choice of being more active and focused. How lucky I’m that being active for me means also relaxing. I’m resting while working. My painting is my meditation.

January started with the trip to the snowy mountains.

carpathian mountains in winter covered with snow

Beautiful trip has started

The first January is the world’s day off? No way, the horse we met on the way had to work hard.

horses work hard in carpathians

Without a day off

The minus temperature inside the cottage house, that my grandparents built made me remember the seen horse again. Although I have to confess, I like working 🙂 . It took me only 2 hours to prepare the wood for the day-night-day stay there.
How good it feels to be in warm again.


it used to be my almost every summer day activity as a child

Being woke up by the sun, I remembered why I was actually there. Oh my, it was 11 o’clock, time for a morning coffee and plein air painting.

beautiful winter landscapes in carpathians

awesome winter day

The heavy bag isn’t heavy anymore, the road isn’t slippery and it doesn’t hurt falling down if I remember that wonderful moment of taking a deep breath and starting painting. I don’t struggle with the nature, I won’t be able to create better, I’m painting emotions, that the scene evokes.

creating winter landscape painting on a cold day

cold but happy 🙂

You may think how I stayed warm? Coffee saved me from turning into an icicle 🙂

winter landscape and cofee

coffee break with the perfect view

My first January trip brought me awesome impressions and two new paintings that are getting dry right now.

winter nature in snow, landscapes in carpathians

winter fairy tale in Carpathian mountains