All Art is erotic. Klimt

15/07/2014 5,270 views

The first that I saw yesterday was a piece of news  on one of the art pages on fb that the brightest representative of the Vienne School, Gustav Klimt had a birthday yesterday. And I just opened the catalog and had a nice talk with his art. 


Looking at the paintings by Gustav Klimt, it’s impossible to miss the love that he felt towards the female body. “All art is erotic”, he stated. Sure, absolutely agree, because art is the field that appears and exists by means of passion! And passion leads to erotic.

His devotion to woman and love goes through all his work.  And the woman in Klimt’s art is the object of the desire.

Looking at Klimt’s “Kiss” we see the girl who definitely enjoys the innocent kiss. She doesn’t look dominant, but emotional state of the situation is completely under her control. Showing the eternal love, Klimt also hints at its possible end. Controversial nature of Klimt’s ideas of love doesn’t prevent us from enjoying the emotional usage of colors, and beauty of small elements that put together create that sweet fragrance of harmony. The brain could be a bit busy with thoughts, but we don’t need them. This artwork is a pure delight, the celebration of color and devotion to the artistic nature of it. The moment that lasts is the visual image of John Lennon’s “Make Love Not War”