50 Shades of Grey

15/02/2015 4,397 views

The color of elegance and a deep emotionality

No, I’m not going to write about the nearly appeared film that was both criticized and praised. These few lines are just about color GREY and my attitude to it.

Artists percept world differently and that is the only explanation for me why I consider grey one of the most powerful and emotional colors. The usual interpretation of grey is absolutely opposite to mine. You may hear it is impartial, unemotional and even depressive.

In grey I see the intellectual emotions. They are hidden and can’t influence us on the spot, like red, orange or cobalt blue do. But the more you look into the grey surface, the more you are involved in the process of searching, feeling and experiencing that magic color.

The scientists state that the human eye can distinquish about 500 shades of grey. Stop!!! 500 or 50? No, exactly 500. Incredible, right? I didn’t know it either, what I know is that I love mixing colors and getting different shades of grey. Grey fascinates me more than any other color, it’s simple yet so complicated.

As Mark Rothko said

A painting is not about an experience. It is an experience.

Let’s start it 🙂

Blessing| Благословіння

Blessing| Благословіння

black and white painting of ballet Giselle

Dance of Wilises| Танець Вілліс

large black and white painting of abstract ballet

Silver Dance| Срібний танець

modern figurative painting of a ballet dancer

Carmen| Кармен

figurative art in acrylic on canvas

Lines of Emotions|Лінії емоцій

contemporary dancer painting on canvas


abstract painting of a swan

Swan| Лебідь

grey contemporary art of a ballet dancer

Harmony in Grey| Гармонія в сірому

abstract ballet dancer painting in grey

Dancing Cloud|Танцююча хмара


figurative painting of a ballerina

White Line|Біла лінія

painting of ballerina in white

Morning White| Ранковий білий

grey figurative paint


portrait painting of ballerina

Giselle’s Portrait|Портрет Жизелі

couple in love painting dancing

Heeartbeating| Серцебиття