А ти готовий писати вірші?

02/12/2013 1,733 views

Вічне питання, “що таке мистецтво” має багато відповідей і кожен митець, галерист чи критик має свої власні критерії оцінки художніх творів. Я думаю, що твір вже є мистецьким, якщо він викликає особливу емоцію хоча б в однієї людини.

Вірш бразильского науковця, моєї подруги і просто людини Carmem Gottfried яка вміє відчувати і бачити серцем!

Summer Breeze| Літній бриз

Summer Breeze| Літній бриз



The opera is not yet finished and the ballerina decodes the beauty of each musical note,
Modulating the space where the rhythm takes over,
Comparable to what happens with the touch of a brush on a white screen,
Where each one is not enough by itself, but needs the other to coexist.
To inspire, through the frame of an accomplished painting,
A scene far beyond the expected magic.
And the artist in his magic hands, using complementary colors
Placed on opposite sides of a color wheel,
Creates an amazing effect when placing the colors close to each other,
In a perfect and contrasting vibration, propagating a light wavelength composition
That seems to make the scene alive when reaching the eyes.
And the magic artist, fascinated by capturing that fleeting moment,
Transforms his painting on quick and spontaneous brushstrokes,
Making the emotion flowing through his hands in a perfect duo,
To explore the beat and musical notes throughout the colors,
Using tones gently plotted by the brush, creating dreams,
Able to capture the hearts and the eyes of distant people,
Inspired by his energy, carried by the waves across the oceans.
And the ballerina, in each pirouette and leap, so graceful and dainty
Dance with great flair, softly guided by musical mazes,
In a rippling pattern, gently twisted by her sweet evolution,
To dance and dance… in every given chance.

Carmem Gottfried
Porto Alegre, RS Brazil
Feb 07, 2013