Feeling of the Future in the Past

29/08/2014 2,124 views

The summer is almost over. It was a difficult one for all of us, Ukrainians. We have a war here. Collecting the last strengths, I’m painting, trying to create the harmony inside.



Everything around me is so aggressive. Sorrow and disbelief are everywhere. The celebration of our Idependance Day was with tears and rethinking of our modern history. I remembered my grandparents, their stories about Partisants and soviets, Germans and Austria-hungarians. The images unwittingly appear in front of my eyes, and it seems that struggling for the future we landed in the past, as if we havent’s had the ordinary peaceful life and haven’t escaped from the dark cloud of Sovietism.

Peace has always been for me something abstract and detached from the reality. And now it became so concrete and desirable. How many people are praying for peace in our country? Thousands? Millions?

Deliberately and artificially I transfer all the negativity I get into the positive emotions that are responsible for my creative process. My paintings have the same emotional charge as they had before. But I remembered my watercolors that I created in 2004/05 . They embody the atmosphere of our suffering Ukraine that we have today.

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