People, you are creators!

05/04/2014 825 views

Artist of any field is an observer. If we take a writer, for example, he finds the stories in the real life. He plays different situations in his head and feels his every character, because he becomes this character himself.

The writer doesn’t live only his own life, he accumulates the experience of the past, the present and the future. Long ago I drew emotions from book, I lived thousands of lives, a few of them in each book, I required them for my creative activity. I read less today and not only because of the banal lack of time. My life changed. It’s full of people now. They are so different and interesting: calm, annoying, funny, unbearable, unpredictable.. Our communication gives me necessary emotions. And paintings that I create are the result of our, so to say, cooperation. I’m only the instrument and You, People, you are creators, creators of emotions inside of me that find life on the canvas.

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